Leftovers – 19th April

Ok, so here is my first Leftovers post! And now to find a way to make my shopping list sound interesting… here goes 😉

So I think the key to savvy shopping starts with simply checking what you’ve got in the fridge/cupboard – that gives you a good starting point to search for recipes to finish of that bag of potatoes, or the last of the knob of ginger that’s starting to look a little sorry for itself. The other important starting point for me, is making sure there is one recipe you really want to make that week, and it will get the excitement and enthusiasm going for everything else. Having those two foundations to base your meal planning on will mean you’ve got a couple of starting points already from which the rest of the meals will branch out from, and I find the weekly meals almost write themselves from there 😉


So I started out with some bean sprouts, a few cherry tomatoes and two portions of fresh pasta left in the fridge. One portion of pasta was going to be used simply for a herb and breadcrumb pasta dish, but otherwise that doesn’t seem like much to get going with, so I moved onto the next stage of a meal I really wanted to try this week – Deliciously Ella’s Courgette and Lentil Salad from her eponymous cookbook. So, a pretty good kick start to my shopping list is with the courgette, which can be bought in biggish packs and last well in the fridge. An added bonus was that the recipe could include beansprouts if so desired! Check! (And mushrooms… I’ll come back to that in a moment…)


Next was a way to continue using up those gorgeous courgettes – which also took me nicely to another recipe I’ve been meaning to give a go from Nigella Lawson’s Nigellissima – pasta with courgettes. Check, Check! This leaves me with one courgette left, and don’t forget the mushrooms from the lentil salad… Hello 5-a-Day Couscous! (BBC Good Food) This also calls for some carrots, as well as couscous being a store cupboard staple so no addition to the shopping list there. The carrots round off the weekly meals perfectly, coming back to Deliciously Ella’s Black & Kidney Bean Chilli.


This week took some rather deliberate and careful planning, largely because I wanted to show you straight away how easy it is really to minimise your ingredients and maximise your variety, but also we need this to bit a bit of a skinny week budget wise too 😉 We’re not doing the shopping until Tuesday, but at 14 items for meals alone (of course there will be standard toiletries, lunch/breakfast etc, but you don’t care about those!) I’m pretty confident this will be a nice and pocket friendly shop 🙂

I will let you know how I get on, and I’d appreciate your thoughts on this post! Let me know what you think! 🙂

Lotsa Love! x


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