Leftovers 10th May

So… last week was one of those weeks where life happened. Don’t get me wrong, when life happens its always for the best; an impromptu lunch date with hubby, round friends’ for dinner. Not only are these spontaneous moments the best part of life and must be relished, but they also mean that leftovers end being being whole meals rolled from one week to another, as long as you are picky about which meals get shoved to the back of the fridge.


A beautiful latte like this at my favourite cafe in Brighton is clearly the definition of ‘life’ happening 😉

In my world, the correct ratio of olives to alcohol in a martini ;)

In my world, the correct ratio of olives to alcohol in a martini 😉

The easiest of these being any meat meals, particularly those where the meat is frozen already. You have to be careful, because if you freeze meat after it’s just been in the fridge for a couple of days already, it doesn’t keep as well and you normally end up with some fairly funky smelling thawed chicken etc, which is ALWAYS bad. Another good bet for rolling back meals, are the store cupboard options – meals that rely largely on grains or preserved items like olives. So, easily and without too much explanation required, this week rolls over bolognese, pasta puttanesca and mushroom risotto (which I just forgot about to be honest, no life happening there!)


Otherwise, the only other leftover I had in the fridge was half a block of halloumi (I know, wtf?!) from the Cypriot halloumi pasta dish from last week. As I had been daydreaming about BBC Good Food’s Warm Halloumi, Chickpea & Lime Salad for most of the week, it seemed like an obvious choice as the stands up pretty well on its own, so we could just about get away with the half block. On a side note, this pasta dish last week was actually really nice – very different with the grated, uncooked halloumi, though I think next time I might add a few bits like sun-dried tomatoes and olives just to add a little something extra.


Now I’m left with the decision of something I just want to cook, and we haven’t had fish in a while, so I jumped again to BBC GF Harissa Roast Salmon with Lemon Chickpea Couscous. I discovered this meal whilst at the Winter Good Food show in November, as part of their ‘tapas’ style restaurant showcasing the seasonal menus. Me and mum had a vegetarian and meat platter between us, and were able to try about 8 different dishes for lunch, it was so lovely and clever. This was one of my favourites, and I got it all to myself because mum doesn’t like salmon 😀 The fennel compliments all the flavours perfectly, and it’s a nice showy meal too if you want to have a bit of a dinner party.


The fennel will also be used nicely in the Asparagus, Fennel & Spinach Soup I decided not to make last week, which is even better 😀 I need 2 big bunches of asparagus for this meal, and I’m so excited as they are definitely in season right now. I want to try making more soups, and this is as good a starting point as any, though I’m definitely planning this one for the weekend so I’ve got plenty of time and can relax and plan and not worry about anything 🙂 Though I have to say, it’s the topping for this soup which really drew me in, it looks so crunchy and gorgeous and flavourful!


So, here’s to more life happening 😉

Lotsa Love x


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