Coffee Haven

It’s been an absolutely manic few weeks, with the end seeming no nearer in sight, what with the house move still going through the motions and a bucket load of other stuff I just won’t even go into. Whilst it’s important to focus on the good things and get yourself through these difficult times, it’s also so so essential to have some time to completely and utterly switch off and let the stress leave you like steam rising from freshly brewed coffee…


And as such I’ve been thinking about the best coffee I know of in our area (short of travelling to South America or Italy). Chocaffinitea – a wonderfully cosy and cool cafe with a specific menu detailing the flavour differences between different coffees from around the world. I myself am partial to their Brazilian brew, with its particularly nutty flavour. I’ve been imagining its smell all week at work, so much richer and more intense than the slightly burnt smell we get from the pantry machines.

Seriously Luxurious Hot Chocolate

Seriously Luxurious Hot Chocolate

They do so much more than coffee too, as the name might suggest, with all sorts of beautiful leaf teas served at your table with individual egg timers to let you know when it is steeped to perfection, and – here it comes – the best hot chocolate in Brighton. It is basically just liquid chocolate; warm, smooth, liquid pleasure. They also specialise in creating cakey delights for those with various allergy or dietary requirements, largely dairy and gluten, from salted caramel brownies to dairy free key lime pies. I am completely converted to raw cacao, and avocado as a substitute for butter and cream and other unhealthy bits in some pretty decadent desserts (as my recent Dark Chocolate Avocado Truffles can testify!)


All of these things are adding up to a pretty perfect afternoon, and the setting is what completes it. With beautiful and peaceful rustic decor, a gorgeous window opening out onto the bustling North Lanes of Brighton, there really is no other better spot to sit and just chill out for a while. Coffee makes me happily sleepy anyway, so I really cannot think of anything more relaxing right now.


Counting down the hours till the weekend… 😉

Lotsa Love x


2 thoughts on “Coffee Haven

    • vintageabbie says:

      Hi Rachel! You should definitely give the avocado truffles a go, they’re really easy! And really REALLY messy :p That hot chocolate looks amazing, I would have never thought to use green tea with it! I will give it a try 🙂
      Have a great day too! x

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