Leftovers 19th May

Before any of you ask – yes, I went to Chocaffinitea this weekend

IMG_1716 IMG_1717

But, on to business! I have to say I am particularly proud of this week’s shop – less than £50 and I’ve got some pretty amazing looking meals ahead of me. My leftovers were half a chorizo sausage and some spinach, along with a frozen Lighter Moussaka which speaks for itself, I’ll just defrost, heat through and serve with a side salad and some garlic bread. (NB – I’m aware this is a cheat’s version, I leave the real thing to my mum! It scares me!)


As usual I knew exactly what I wanted to do with the chorizo, this time it was in a really simple, light salad – Smoked Haddock & Chorizo with a mustardy lemon dressing. That’s all there is to it, couldn’t be easier (or much tastier!) That is one of the things I love about this way of shopping, it keeps in mind the recipes I’ve tried as I try to think for myself what to do with certain ingredients, but if I find I’m really lacking inspiration it gives me a nice gentle nudge to search out new recipes.


Like the chana masala to use the rest of the spinach – as you all know I don’t think it’s possible to go wrong with chickpeas, and I think they hold up so well against the powerful flavours in a curry. As does the spinach; even though it wilts down, I love the sharp, tangy bitterness biting it’s way through the smoother, earthier spices. I am really excited to give this one a go, chana masala is one of my favourite curry dishes!


From there it’s somehow ended up being a seriously mushroom heavy week – I don’t really know how! I wanted something to use up some of the fresh pasta I was getting in for Sunday night’s bolognese, and came across a quick and easy lemon & thyme mushroom pasta in Nigella Express – perfect for Wednesday night when Dave heads out to band practice. That wouldn’t use up all the mushrooms from the pack, so out comes a firm favourite, my adapted version of Thomasina Miers’ Chipotle Mushroom & Feta tortillas from Mexican Food Made Simple. I’ve made these for friends before, always served with some black beans and guacamole, and they always go down a storm!

Chipotle Mushrooms

And whilst we maintain a very low meat diet more out of choice & personal preference than any kind of budgetary reasons, I do like to have some meat every now and then. I was looking through my Gino’s Pasta cookbook, and came across a meal I’ve been meaning to cook for a while – sausage meat with rosemary and mushrooms… and there it was, another mushroom meal. Ah well, everything in moderation, especially moderation, right?! 😉


Joking aside, I have been suggested that perhaps a week every now and then focusing on and showcasing a particular ingredient would be a good way to mix the blog up a little and keep it interesting, so whilst this isn’t my Mushroom Week blog post just yet, it’s certainly giving me some good ideas 😉

Let me know in the meantime if there are any ingredients you’d like to know more about, and see how to make the best use of them!

Lotsa Love! x


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