Seeds of Doubt…

Yeah… I’ve had a few interesting experiences with seeds this week…

So I wanted to give Chia Seeds a go – everyone is absolutely raving about them, Pinterest is fit to bursting with ‘Top 10 Chia Pudding Recipes’, and I had never even heard of them until a couple of months ago! I was really intrigued by the prospect of them – this little tiny spec that tastes of nothing but is jam packed with nutrients and protein, and the variety of recipes with different fruits sounded like a great way to mix up breakfast, which I have been struggling with recently.


I found a small pack in Holland & Barrett, and a nice easy cinnamon apple recipe with ingredients I had already – I didn’t want to buy too much as I was still a bit wary about the end result of the Chia Seeds, taking in the milk and liquid they are soaked in overnight and expanding into a jelly like substance. Jelly, for breakfast. It seemed a bit strange to me, but as the whole world seemed to be obsessed with these things, I presumed that it was more like a porridge consistency, and couldn’t be that bad!


I’m sorry to say that I was wrong >.<


Each to their own, and I’m glad that there is this superfood out there that many people seem to be enjoying, but for me, it was disgusting! It really was a totally jelly like texture, with the seeds adding an unpleasant grittiness, and it was so watery there was barely any flavour to even mask the texture ๐Ÿ˜ฆ The apples and cinnamon smelled divine as I was cooking them the night before, I really don’t know what happened to what I was hoping to be a really gorgeous flavour to fill me up in the morning. I persevered for a little while, but it really was making me feel quite sick, the consistency and total lack of… anything really.


I feel bad writing anything negative, but I suppose it would also be helpful for some people in a similar situation as me to read that Chia Seeds may not be all they’re cracked up to be :/ if you think you can cope with eating jelly for breakfast, then I’m sure using stronger flavours like berries would help, but at the end of the day jelly is jelly and not something that is desirable for breakfast in my opinion. Bleugh!

The other interesting experience we had this week with seeds was quinoa – you may remember from my last Leftovers post that I was planning an asparagus and avocado tabbouleh – something that would be perfect to actually make Leftovers for Lunch too ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’ll be honest it was an extremely labour intensive meal, a lot of very fiddly bits and I remember calling out to Dave from the kitchen, ‘this had so better be worth it!’


Luckily, it turned out pretty as a picture and tasted just as fresh and gorgeous and green as I was hoping – Dave unfortunately wasn’t so convinced :/ We have now discovered that he is not a salad-for-dinner kind of guy, and that’s fine now we know – but his main argument for not liking this meal was, and I quote, ‘the quinoa looks weird’. Bless him ;p I loved it, and subsequently have been eating it for the past couple of days all by myself…

So, just a few words of warning when venturing into the seedy world of… seeds. (NB – quinoa is a good word to play around with too :p )

Lotsa Love! x



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