Camp Cooking – Kind of…

Ok, so here I am, drinking a cup of tea, trying to stay awake long enough to write my first post after our trip to the Isle of Man! This 2 week holiday lark is very tiring… ;p

To be fair though, there is a little more to my slight fatigue than sheer laziness – it’s certainly been one of the more interesting holidays I’ve ever been on! We madeΒ an over night stop in Wales so that we were within an easy morning’s ride of the ferry crossing for the next morning – and what a lovely spot it was! We found some camping pods in a farm just outside of some abbey ruins, in a gorgeous valley with a beautiful stream running just alongside where we were sleeping. It certainly did well to ease me into the idea of camping, as we had a solid roof over our head and all we had to do was curl up in our sleeping bags on our roll mats.

IMG_1756 IMG_1766

It was in these beautiful surroundings that I gave my first go at campsite cooking…Down to the local village for the best fish & chips ever :p

IMG_1763 IMG_1762

From here, things started to get more ‘interesting’ – the ride out of the Welsh valleys was beyond words – some of the most breathtaking scenery you can imagine, on the most gorgeous day. Once we arrived at Liverpool the skies started to cloud over, and long story short the weather took a serious turn for the worst. Most people on the ferry travelled very poorly (yours truly included πŸ˜₯ ) and by the time we reached Douglas on the Isle of Man a tannoy was being announced that various hostels over the island were being set up to shelter people until the storm passed. You’d think that would have been enough clues…

The next few hours were horrendous. We rode through some fairly awful wind and rain to get to our campsite about 10 minutes away, and after battling to pitch up our little two-man tent, then helping the other two guys we were with pitch up their much bigger tent, you could hear the wind whipping it’s way round the camping field before battering ours with the full 65mph. The boys tried to save a fellow camper’s tent from being blown to bits, instead nearly being taken for a flight along with it – at which point me and Dave called it quits and booked ourselves into the first hotel with a room available. This turned out to be the best decision we could have made – as not long after, our little tent gave up the ghost, and the tent poles splintered in several places, destroying any hopes we had of coming back after the storm had passed.

Regardless, we are not the type of people to let these kind of things get the best of us, and decided over another wonderful ‘camp cooked’ meal…

And this was just the starter... :)

And this was just the starter… πŸ™‚

that we would salvage as much of the trip as we could, by staying as many nights as we could afford in a hotel instead. Our holiday cut short from 10 days to 2 and a half, by the time we had sorted out where we were staying and amended the ferry crossing. On another side note – I cannot express enough gratitude and amazement at the helpfulness of everyone we came across whilst we tried to resuscitate our trip. The hotel staff of the 4* hotel we booked into helped us find a 3* place we could stay in for longer, instead of just informing us there were no rooms available, and the ferry company were able to split our joint booking with our friends with no problems whatsoever, and not even an additional charge. We really fell in love with this island and we cannot wait to come back under better circumstances πŸ™‚

IMG_1781 IMG_1776 IMG_1783 IMG_1808

And after all that – we even managed to actually get some real camp cooking in! This was the day after the storm, so the wind hadn’t completely died down and we were having to protect the gas stove with one of our empty panniers (bike luggage for those not in the know!) We wanted to start off with something nice and easy – so opted for pesto tortellini, needing just some water boiling for the pasta and then some pesto mixed in. I was a bit concerned the water wasn’t coming to a proper boil, but because of the cold and windy conditions I didn’t think we would get much more than a subtle bubble, so decided to go for it and at the worst we’d just have rather al dente pasta :p Lo and behold… We overcooked it!

IMG_1774 IMG_1775

I do apologise that this hasn’t been the most food oriented post, but I promise normal service will resume shortly πŸ˜‰

Lotsa Love πŸ™‚ Abbie x


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