Wish I was at Wahaca…

I’ve been sitting on this blog for a couple of days, as I didn’t want to overload you with my need to write after I got back from holiday! But I simply cannot hold back any more, I have got to share with you my current favourite restaurant of all time – Wahaca. The Mexican chain was set up by 2005 Masterchef winner Thomasina Miers, and each restaurant showcases every bit of her funky, eccentric and passionate personality, as well as a keen knowledge and understanding of real Mexican food. I get so excited just thinking about this place – does it show? :p


The closest restaurant to us is at Bluewater shopping centre in Kent, about an hour away. It is now our go-to when we go shopping, and luckily it is also on the way back home from visiting my sister in Hull so we tend to stop in for dinner on our way through :p The varied menu means it is absolutely perfect for either a light lunch or dinner – there are a selection of fantastic sounding mains such as their MSC Fish Tacos (Wahaca is well known and award winning for their sustainability), Slow-Cooked Pork Burritos and Pasilla Chicken Enchiladas.The names of these dishes simply aren”t enough – the descriptions of them is astounding, and watching them come out of the kitchen and seeing people’s delighted faces as they prepare to tuck in.

You will note however that I say these mains sound amazing – and this is down to nothing other than our weakness for the fantastic street food menu, and our lack of resolve to try any of the ‘normal’ meals! We have always loved the idea of sociable food – from Spanish tapas to Middle Eastern style food where everything is dished up in the centre of the table and everyone helps themselves. Mexican food is all about the sharing, and the friends and the family coming together. Their street food menu makes all of that so easy – in the same way you order a variety of different tapas dishes for the whole table, so do you order a variety of these street foods for everyone to dive in, get messy and involved, and enjoy the experience together.


We do have one staple choice that we order – each, so we don’t have to share – and that is the Tender Marinated Chicken Taquitos. The flavour of the smokey, earthy chicken inside the crisp fried tortilla, wrapped tightly and sprinkled with wonderfully fresh salad and tangy cheese… I don’t think I need to say much more? Except go eat it!!!


The hardest part with this menu is the choice – it’s nice to have a variety of the different types of street food, as well as trying to mix up the fillings you get too. Slow Cooked Pork is always an excellent choice, along with anything involving their Frijoles or re-fried beans. The Black Bean Tostada is a really light and refreshing option, something nice and crispy to break up the flavours of everything else. As Dave put it very nicely, it’s like a tasty, filling palette cleanser!


This time they were testing out a new menu, so we had even more than usual to choose from! We opted for the Chorizo & Chapulines Memela, which was basically a pizza-like dish with chorizo, black beans and feta sprinkled on top (grasshoppers optional!?!) This was absolutely incredible, the flavours in every single bite were amazing, but unfortunately we found that this dish is not being included in the menu anymore because of the complicated process in the kitchen resulting in delays with serving – which is a shame but completely fair enough. Another fantastic thing about Wahaca, they are ready and willing to give something new a try, but if it doesn’t work they listen to the staff and the customers.


What I love most about Wahaca is the vibrant and exciting atmosphere – it’s a wonderful place to relax and unwind but everyone around you is happy, having a great time and enjoying some truly superb food. This goes for the staff as well – they are always bright and eager, passionate about Wahaca and it really has the most amazing affect on the restaurant experience itself. We always leave with a massive grin on our faces, also helped by the cooky colourful decor! This really is a place that any Mexican foodie must try out, or even someone who hasn’t experience the beauty that is Mexican cuisine yet – this really is the best of the best. Put it this way, I’m writing this in my PJs at 10am and I’m hungry already…


Lotsa Love! Abbie x


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