Leftovers 27th June

Ok, so it’s time to get back into the swing of things with the Leftovers posts! Whilst it is the last week of the month, and we are having to keep things as tight as possible and really stretch out our leftovers, this week doesn’t make a whole lot of use a frozen leftovers, which has been our main source of food these past few weeks. Great for us budget wise, as it means we don’t have to buy any extra ingredients for those days, but it does make it rather boring reading material 😉

I would like to take this opportunity however, to get off track for just a moment and share with you this photo that my sister took the day after Father’s Day – we bought my dad (who has only over the past year discovered that not only is he a brilliant cook, but also really enjoys it too!) a tagine (Lakeland), with a heat diffuser so he could use it on their electric hob, and a recipe book. He was over the moon bless him, and thus we were all invited round for dinner the day after to give it a good try out. This was the result – the most delicious melt-in-your-mouth lamb and apricot tagine, complete with steaming hot liquid to soak over the lemony couscous it was served with. It was quite a spectacle to behold, sat on the table in front of us all, and kept the food piping hot as we all went back for seconds. A worthy purchase for people who enjoy the pleasure of slow-cooking and fancy something a bit different!


Anyway, back to this week’s leftovers. We had some spinach, some peppers, and a cucumber. My last post saw me dig out my ‘ye olde faithful’ cookbook, the Reader’s Digest 30 minute cookbook, and one of the meals that caught my eye whilst I was flicking through was a tomato pasta dish with spinach – even better when I checked the ingredients it also called for peppers, and broad beans which I will substitute for some frozen soya beans I have. One less thing to buy, and I think they’re much nicer 🙂

I also need to make sure I have a super quick and easy meal to make this week, as last night (Saturday) I walked 13.1 miles around my local town at midnight, in aid of raising money for St Barnabas’ Hospice, a local charity which looks after people with terminal illnesses in their last days. They looked after my grandad a few years ago, so this really is a very personal cause for me. It does mean however, that after walking nearly a half marathon, not getting home till 5am, could mean that I’m not particularly in the mood for cooking too much Sunday evening! Luckily, the cucumber we have points me straight to an old favourite, tomato & halloumi salad. This thing takes no time at all to throw together, and is so fresh and satisfying particularly in hotter weather.


I was hoping though, that I will have the energy to cook up something which requires a little more effort – Mum’s Bolognese. The reason I want to do the meal specifically on Sunday, is because I have recently discovered an app called CookBooth. I will be posting in more detail on this soon, but it is essentially an app where people can post their own recipes, follow other professional chefs & foodies, and also save their recipes. Gizzi Erskine is a fan, and so far I’m loving it! There are always photos for every instruction step, and it’s a great way to share and discover new recipes! So I’d love to get my Mum’s Bolognese onto Cookbooth, and as I’m not used to taking pretty photos whilst I’m actually cooking, I think doing this for the first time over a weekend  was probably a good idea, thought maybe we can roll it over to next week 😉 But watch this space for my full review of the Cookbooth app!


The ingredients for bolognese are always great for rolling over into other meals, particularly the celery. A salad I’ve been meaning to make for a while has popped into the forefront of my mind – a wonderfully crunchy and peppery Celery, Radish & Cucumber salad. We had some radishes round my in-laws last night, and it just reminded me how beautiful these little bursts of colour are! So this will make a perfect, long lasting lunch we can take to work with us over the next few days.

Radish & Celery Salad

Lotsa Love, Abbie x


2 thoughts on “Leftovers 27th June

  1. Samantha Nagtegaal says:

    How exciting – a tagine! They look so beautiful and interesting, and lamb and apricot tagine is irresistible! I just have no space to store one. I’m really interested in the cookbooth app; I’ll have to check it out. Sounds like a good way to make people aware of your recipes and the fact you have an online precense.
    x Sam


    • vintageabbie says:

      Hi Sam! I’m so sorry for the late reply – I think I approved your comment on the go and forgot to come back 😦
      But yes, the tagine was absolutely amazing – though the first thing my dad said when we left was ‘Where are we going to put it?!’
      Definitely check out the cook booth app – I’ve actually just uploaded my first recipe! Very exciting! 😀 I will be posting more about it here soon, I promise 🙂
      Abbie x


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