Parklife… the Brightest and the Best

I’m aware that there is little point in letting you all know about a wonderful, top notch cafe that is sadly no longer, but I need to share, and let go >.< And not in the immortal words of Queen Elsa this time…


For nearly 10 years, the centre of Worthing has been treated to the most vibrant, bubbly, and creative cafe it has ever seen, and ever will see for a while. Parklife started out as a little pink coffee-mobile in Homefield park, though it wasn’t until they set up shop in the centre of town that I first became aware of them. The initial draw was legendary variety of milkshakes on offer – one of those shops which let you put pretty much whatever sweet treat (amongst other things, gherkins for example!) into a milkshake. There were 3-4 boards with the options crammed in, and Parklife had instantly put itself on the Worthing map. My favourites were always Terry’s Chocolate Orange & Ferrero Rocher – especially as you got the straws with the spoon on the end to eat up all the chocolate debris that wasn’t completely blitzed! 😀


But that wasn’t all the Parklife had to offer – there were almost as many different options for the most amazing sandwiches & paninis, all made fresh to order right in front of you. If there wasn’t anything you particularly fancied on the menu, the always friendly and helpful staff were happy to make something up for you out of the ingredients they had to hand. Not to mention of course the ever changing specials! My personal favourite was ‘The Italian Job’ with tomatoes, mozzarella and pesto, but there were other such crazy names along the lines of the mad-cow, billy goat’s gruff – all with ingredients I’m sure you can guess. I feel bad for not remembering the names exactly, but I never thought I would have to 😥 The only downside to this perfect lunch spot, was that there was rarely enough room to sit down, there was always a queue out the door!

348s IMG_0040

But still, the best was yet to come. Parklife was an immediate hit with it’s signature cupcakes – the brightest, boldest, biggest cupcakes you’ve ever seen, and as time went by, the only ever got brighter, bolder, and sparklier. I have honestly still never seen such colourful and beautiful cupcakes at a cafe, with such an ever changing array of flavours and combinations. It wasn’t even just the cupcakes, they offered a cake making service for birthday parties and weddings, with layer cakes bigger than you could dream of! Indeed Parklife was the only option for us when it came to our wedding cake, and we will always remember the chocolate orange topper cake with ivory swirls and sugared doves, alongside simple and perfect vanilla cupcakes in ivory and pale blue, with deep purple cupcake cases.


Parklife was well known for for doing everything bigger and better, including the often experimental and always successful bakes and cakes on offer. But what Worthing will be missing out on most, is the heartwarming, community spirit that filled the little shop and spilled out into the street on even a grizzly drizzly day. For any kind of festivity, Parklife was always decked out in the brightest and most fun decorations, they were always supporting local artists and events with posters and art on display, and there was always a friendly smile and chat for anyone who came through the door, no matter how busy they were.


I am honest to god getting a little choked up writing this – but, I am so happy for the owners to be doing whatever they have decided to do, they have more than earned it. I want to thank them on behalf everyone who feels the same way I do about about the happiest, brightest spot in town, and wish them well for the future. Whilst they are still out and about with the good old little pink coffee-mobile, there will never be anything quite like Parklife Cafe, but there will never be anything to replace the wonderful memories I have of that place.

IMG_0655 IMG_0177

We’ll miss you.

Lotsa Love, Abbie x


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