Cookbooth – ‘You are what you cook’

So says the tagline for the fantastic new photo recipe sharing app I have discovered – Cookbooth.


I follow Gizzi Erskine on Instagram, and one of her posts a little while back mentioned a recipe that was available on this new app, which she said was amazing, so I thought I would check it out! After some initial teething problems that are inherent with anything new, I was signed up and exploring the Cookbooth world of recipes from chefs and foodies alike, connecting with people from all over the world & sharing the recipes I’d love to try out on Instagram.


At it’s heart, that is what Cookbooth is all about – the essential community spirit that is so integral to food and cooking and eating. Yes, it’s most important to be sharing these meals with your friends and family, not looking at your mobile for your favourite chef’s latest recipe to pop up on the app. But Cookbooth goes a long way towards bringing the heritage of cooking and recipes, sharing ideas and passing them on from one person to another, and giving people ownership of their cooking, as well as something to be proud of as they share with their fellow foodie friends.


The app itself is all about aesthetics and being a pleasure to use – with a crisp, clean modern feel right the way from it’s monochromatic colour scheme to its elegant, flowing font, to the basic principle that each recipe has to draw you in with a knock out feature photo, and each step by step instruction should be accompanied by a photo to really give the idea that you are being shown how to make this delicious meal. It is so user friendly, with each recipe having quick sharing links, simple buttons to save and like your favourite recipes, as well as a handy search tool by ingredient, chef or recipe.


This is all massively impressive for an app which is by no means mainstream – I very much get the feeling that Cookbooth is still in the fairly early stages of getting ‘out there’, given its majority of users hailing from its native Spain. However, it is working its way around the world, with advocates such as Gizzi Erskine as I mentioned earlier, as well as Taste of London sharing some of the spectacular recipes by various chef’s from its recent show, including Thomasina Miers.


As the app continues to grow from strength to strength, it will only better itself with the wider range of recipes and cuisines on offer, more ideas and inspiration thrown into the giant social cooking pot! This is most certainly a rare case of there never being too many cooks 😉

Make sure you check out the recipe, and have a look for me! (Abbie Rhodes) I will be adding all my recipes to Cookbooth as soon as I can, so take a look and see what else I’m cooking 🙂

Lotsa Love, Abbie x


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