Bluebird Tea Co. Monthly Review

I was having a look through my Instagram account last night, and realised how long I have been AWOL for on Leftovers for Lunch. We’re currently in the process of buying our first home, and as it’s up there in the top three most stressful things you can go through in your lifetime, I don’t feel guilty about taking a slight leave of absence and trying to relax as much as possible – whilst it’s not been the worst exchange in the world, there have been some truly distressing days and we’re not even out of the woods yet.


Brighton is always a great place for us to go and relax 🙂


Not much beats a freshly blitzed smoothie from Chocaffinitea!

But what it has made me realise, having lived out of boxes for the past four months, is that you shouldn’t let it put your life on hold. It’s far too easy to say to a good set of friends, “We’ll meet up after the move”; to pack away the things you need for your passion or hobby and say “I’ll start it up again after the move”. With something as impossible to predict as the purchase of a property, you have no idea how long you could be putting your life on hold for.


Very happy to see the Parklife family out at a local event last weekend!


Dave thoroughly enjoying his Parklife banoffee brownie

So, we are meeting up with those friends next weekend, we’re unpacking some of those boxes, and I’m going to tell you all about one of the things that has really kept me a little bit calmer throughout the whole process – My first month’s Subscription to Bluebird Tea Co’s Tea Club!

Me and my friend at work, Mark, decided to go halves on the six month subscription – we’ve just started working on the same floor and thought it would be a nice thing to try all these wonderful new flavours and brews together on our tea breaks! It’s so important to take that 10 minutes or so away from your desk, and I have really felt the benefit of walking away from my computer, deciding which brew to have and carefully serving out the ‘perfect teaspoon’ of gorgeous looking leaves into our individual strainers, and sitting to have a good chat. Be it a moan about what a pain in the backside my solicitors have been, randomly chatting about books we read at school, or getting excited over one of Mark’s upcoming gigs for his band We Never Learned to Live (shameless plug there, check out their debut album Silently We Threw Them Skyward – it’s immense!!!)


So, along with our freebie choice for subscribing of their ‘Great British Cuppa’, we eagerly awaited our first parcel to see what we would be treated to first. I’ve already mentioned the ‘perfect teaspoon’ we also got as a free gift to make sure we were getting exactly the right amount of leaves to brew, and this came in such a lovely package with a little note detailing the brews we had this month – ‘Simply the Zest’, ‘Ice Cream Float’ & ‘Pineapple Mint’. Straight off the bat we were in love with the names if nothing else!


First of all I’ll mention the ‘Great British Cuppa’ – we chose something nice and simple for our free sign-up blend, and you can never go far wrong with a classic British brew! We were over the moon when we tried this tea – it has such depth of flavour, nice and strong which is the way any breakfast tea should be in our opinion! ‘Robust’ is a word Mark used, which I think describes the tea perfectly. The best thing about loose leaf teas is that every cup is a tiny bit different – sometimes this one can even taste quite strongly of raisins for some reason, though that could just be me! We love this blend, it is one of our go to’s already!


Simply the Zest‘ was the first of the subscription teas we tried. We were immediately met with the strong citrus fragrance when we opened the packet, and were delighted to find whole pieces of citrus fruit within the blend. It was so different to have a black tea with all the fruit flavour to it, the ceylon was paired perfectly with the flavours of orange to pack something with real punch.


We were very excited to try the ‘Ice Cream Float‘ – this was the first of the examples of real tea mixology going on, to create something completely unexpected. Again, the wonderful smell of the loose leaves was wonderful, sweet and sharp, with a gorgeous creaminess coming through already. This blend was just right for sitting watching the tennis on our tea break! The best thing about this one was that it smelled completely different from how it tasted – and really shows what a sensory delight this whole experience is being! The smell is wonderfully creamy and sweet, but when you drink this blend you get the aniseed kick from the liquorice and that something extra special from the sarsaparilla.


The final blend for this month, we were distinctly unsure of. ‘Pineapple Mint‘? Really? We left it till last to try, and I have to say I was a little nervous – the others had been so lovely, it would have been a real shame for this one to be just a bit too weird! Lo and behold… this one is our favourite! The hibiscus turns it a fantastic pinky red in colour, adding a berry note to the pineapple and mint, which are just perfection together! This is so refreshing, with the citrus and mint flavours, it really is just the thing after a stressful day at work to calm things down, and let you just sit and relax for a little while. This would be amazing as an iced tea too – something we don’t quite have the facility for at work which is a shame, but definitely worth giving a go if you can.


There really is something very special about taking the time out to brew a cuppa with these colourful loose leaves, with our ‘perfect teaspoon’ and individual cup strainers. We’ve had a wide range of responses at work, from intrigue and amazement to bewilderment and disbelief, but there really is nothing better than sitting down for a cuppa with a good friend, going through the very tactile process of brewing each of these teas, and forgetting about the mania going on around you.

We can’t wait for our next month’s subscription! Keep an eye out for the review of the next three blends from Bluebird Tea Co.!

Lotsa Love, Abbie xxx


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