Summer Eating in Sicily

So I don’t know about the rest of you guys but this British Summer is really starting to get me down 😦 In all fairness, when the sun does shine we have been lucky enough to get some really gorgeous days out it, with some wonderful heat that we certainly haven’t had for a good few years. There have been a fair few of those days too – but the problem with this year’s weather is that it seems to be one or the other – glorious sunshine or depressing cold and rain. I actually wore my winter coat and a hat out to Brighton the other week, and I’ve been wearing my boots regularly to work.
I suppose I can’t complain too much – the weather held out for the most important day of the summer being August 8th, my friend Emma’s seaside wedding on Worthing Pier. It was the most gorgeous day, with the perfect amount of gentle sea breeze, brilliant golden sunshine and stunning blue skies – you really couldn’t have asked for a better day. Incidentally, I also had my first try of baked Camembert at the reception, and considering my borderline phobia of creamy cheesy sauces, I was really pleasantly surprised! The salt and pepper croutons and the pesto crust gave it just enough texture and extra flavour to turn it into a dream instead of a nightmare ;p
But, I digress. Despite the perfection of that day, I am seriously starting to crave a good sunny holiday! My parents have recently come back from a tour around Serbia, Bosnia & Croatia – and were on the go constantly in nearly 40degree heat everyday! Some of the photos they came back with were stunning, it looks like a truly wonderful and interesting area and it has jumped high up on our list of places to visit. And of course the first thing we talked about was the food 😀 Apparently the national dish of Serbia was basically a mixed grill, there were wonderfully hearty stews with gnocchi at the base of the dish, it all sounded wonderful.
I’ve been trying to think of ideas of places for us to visit next year – whilst it is all hypothetical at the moment as we have no idea what our finances are going to be like once we’ve settled into having a mortgage and proper bills to pay, but it’s good to get these ideas in the work ahead of shcedule! As well as needing somewhere sunny, but not so hot as to make it unbearable for Dave, I’ve been thinking about heading to a real foodie destination. As I’ve just mentioned, food tends to be some of the highlights of any trip we take, and we have our fondest memories in various restaurants, across the world, but I’d really like to go somewhere that is famed for its local dishes, with authentic and new things we won’t have had here in the UK.
Morocco has been very high on my list for a long time, but I recently came across an article on BBC Good Food recommending the must-try dishes of… Sicily. I’ve been to Rome before when I was younger (and not so adventurous with eating unfortunately) and I know it’s somewhere I want to get back to, but I hadn’t ever thought of Sicily. With the recommendations of arancini, the flavours of which change depending on whereabouts in the island you are, as well as foccacia style pizzas and a type of pesto typical to Sicily, it had instantly become somewhere I wanted to look into further.Due to it’s location at the tip of Italy’s ‘boot’ and being so close to Africa, the influences across the island are wide and varied, particularly in its food and architecture. This increased my intrigue further, as one part of the island even boasts a couscous dish, which you certainly wouldn’t expect from an Italian island.
I also wanted to make sure that there would be enough things for us to see and do – as much as i would love to, we couldn’t spend the whole week eating and not doing anything else! We are absolutely useless at sitting still and doing nothing for any period of time, even if food is involved, so we definitely need a lot of culture and interesting places to visit around the experience of the cuisine. I started looking up Sicily in more detail, and the more I discovered the more it sounded like a perfect Abbie & Dave holiday. As mentioned, the cultural influences from all over the place give us so many things to look out for straight away, from Roman amphitheatres to medieval streets, intricate Moorish architechture and the stunning coast line which could be pulled right out of any ancient myth or legend.the only thing that seems to be missing so far is some kind of war time or military attraction, but Dave has a homing beacon for these kinds of things so I’m sure we’ll find something 😉
It has to be said, my Pinterest board for Sicily is overflowing with stunning images of these gorgeous mediterranean streets, spectacular coastlines and amazing looking food – Sicily has made its way right to the top of the list for potential holiday next year. Fingers crossed we’ll be able to afford it with the mortgage!
Lotsa Love, Abbie x

2 thoughts on “Summer Eating in Sicily

  1. Samantha Nagtegaal says:

    Hi Abbie 🙂 I’m loving your blog; just had a bit of a catch up on your last four or so posts. I love your obsession with cherry tomatoes and it’s a great idea to use them instead of tinned chopped tomatoes, especially if you have them spare. I’m excited for you about your prospective trip to Sicily – hope it turns out for you 🙂 And your jam thingies (oops, I’ve forgotten what they’re called!) from pinterest look awesome – I thought it was the pinterest photo you posted, but it’s actualy yours – awesome!
    x Sam


    • vintageabbie says:

      Hi Sam! Sorry for the late reply, things are so hectic at the moment! I’m so pleased you’re enjoying my blog so much, it really means a lot and I always love reading your comments! Also a relief to know I’m not the only one obsessed with cherry tomatoes 😜 fingers crossed indeed for the holiday next year, could definitely use one now! The weather here is so awful 😞 I really enjoyed making those oat bars, and they’re so easy! Looking forward to making them with different jam flavours 😊 lovely to hear from you again! Xxx


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