Black and White Brownies Double Batch Sunday!

Firstly – I want to say thank you to Molly for reminding and encouraging me to get posting again, and that it’s ok that I haven’t for ages ;p

So, Double Batch Sunday makes it sound like a thing – it really isn’t, unless of course we’re talking a double helping of Small Batch coffee in Brighton. But that’s a different matter entirely – what’s happened here, is that my Black and White Brownies, in both chocolate and batter, are apparently soooo good that I have been required to make 2 batches to take to work with us tomorrow – as me and Dave work in the same place, I think it would have caused a revolt if my department got brownies and his didn’t and vice versa.

I made a batch in the summer, for one of Dave’s colleagues birthday, and whilst I proportioned the single batch in a 70:30 split for Dave’s larger team and my smaller team, it became quickly apparent that this was no where enough for either! I had marriage proposals coming in from all directions, requests and demands that I make these brownies a regular occurrence, and people even offering to pay for the ingredients if I would just make more! Though I would be happy to make brownies for a special occasion upon request, I couldn’t possibly ask for money on something I’d only be doing for fun some time in the future.


So, as we’ve had the whole week off (sheer bliss!) I decided to set the entire of Sunday aside so that I could make two batches of brownies. Unfortunately this did mean I had to make them one after the other, as I only have one square cake tin, and I don’t trust my oven as far as I could throw it to cook two separate things evenly. It does mean though, that we were both able to set aside the whole day and relax, not doing much at all (although this method did create a shedload of washing up, a by product I kind of forgot about :s) Luckily I have had a ‘helping’ hand now and then throughout the day 😉


These brownies are actually really easy to make, it’s a really good and simple mix, even with the addition of the cheesecake marble topping, and the dark and white chocolate flavours are absolutely gorgeous. It’s a really gooey, sticky mixture without being too dense, and the cheesecake mixture on the top gives it a real difference and lightness in both flavour and texture.



Check out the BBC Good Food Recipe here!

And Molly, I promise I’ll make up a batch some time soon and bring some over for you 🙂

Lotsa Love! Abbie x


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